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Warming and eco-powering our deep south

When you’re looking for warmer, brighter, more energy efficient buildings, or just trying to find ways to reduce your power bill, we’re your local experts!

Proudly born in Southland, Awarua Synergy has searched the world to bring the best energy solutions to our Deep South.

Energy efficiency

We’re specialists in helping you tame your power bill, ensuring you capitalise on advances in technology to bring energy efficiency in your home, on your farm, or in your business, commercial, or public buildings.

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There isn’t much time left to get your rental house in compliance with the new insulation laws that take effect in July 2019. Remember, insulation is mandatory if you’re planning to...

Environment Southland in partnership with Invercargill City Council and Gore District Council are providing loans for householders living within the Invercargill and Gore airsheds


Who can apply?

I am taking the time to write and tell you what a wonderful project this is and how grateful we are that we took the opportunity to go ahead with the insulation of our home.

We cannot get over how warm the is!

We have a concrete block home with tile roof and wooden floor. The insulation is maintaining the house temperature at around 16- 18* on a regular basis no matter what the temperature is outside. We do not have to keep our fire going all day and only a limited amount of time at night as it just gets too hot.

We have been recommending same to all and sundry.

Congratulations on a wonderful product/system

- Jill Warhust