Awarua Synergy celebrates 10 year anniversary for Bluff Healthy Homes Project

15 November 2015

A successful project with more success to come

Awarua Synergy celebrating 10 years of Bluff Healthy Homes Project

The Bluff Healthy Homes Project has celebrated 10 years of successfully ensuring the people of Bluff have protection against the cold winter climate.

This has been accomplished by insulating more than half the homes in New Zealand’s southernmost town, as well as providing one-on-one home education packages to help people unlock the benefits of energy efficiency, eco-friendly heating, and sustainable living.

After a year of research and development, the Bluff Healthy Homes Project, run by Awarua Research and Development (a subsidiary of the Te Runaka o Awarua Charitable Trust) was launched in 2005.

The launch of the Bluff Healthy Homes Project was a memorable day occurring at the Te Rau Aroha Marae in Bluff. Ta Tipene provided a welcoming speech and guests included representatives from one of our main sponsors, Tiwai Point aluminium smelter, local, regional and national funders and marae whanau.

“The Bluff Healthy Homes Project proved to be so successful that we were encouraged to offer some of its best products, services and ideas to the great people of Southland with the Southland Warm Homes Trust (SWHT) and that’s how Awarua Synergy was born”, says Sumaria.

The SWHT was formed in 2008 to deliver insulation, heating assessments and installations on behalf of the Energy Efficient and Conservation Authority (EECA) programme. 

Awarua Synergy has since brought warmth, drier air and power savings to more than 5,000 homeowners and tenants in the Southland region.

The SWHT is a provider for the Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes project which offers ceiling and underfloor insulation to low-income households with people who have health needs related to cold, damp housing.

It is estimated that every dollar spent on the project results in a $5 return on investment for society with the improved living conditions and quality of life for families. It also reduces tax payer’s dollars on hospital emissions and another further $3 return on the local economy.  This results in many benefits including more productive adults at work, healthier and happier families and reduced medical costs. 

Awarua Synergy is also constantly looking for new ways to educate the community about the benefits of insulation and engaging a specialist.  “We actively meet with local Maori health providers, attend the Southland Energy Conference and present at over 20 regional events per annum. We also host school groups to teach them about the benefits of eco-efficiency and using natural resources for energy such as solar,” explains Sumaria.

“We are proud of how we have developed from the Bluff Healthy Homes project, operating out of a small building at our marae to the professional company we are today and want to continue to improve the living and health conditions of as many Southland families as possible,” she adds. 

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