The team at Awarua Synergy are proven experts in providing smart energy solutions to the businesses, property investors and commercial spaces of the Deep South. We’ve searched the world for the best heating, lighting and power generation products that can potentially pay for themselves in just a few years – or possibly even sooner. We’ve got the innovative solutions you’re looking for – helping you energise your workplace for the future and protect against ever-increasing power prices.

Our team of specialists has already helped hundreds of Southland businesses find energy-efficient ways to warm and brighten offices, rest homes, public spaces and other commercial spaces. With our broad range of insulation, heating and power generation products, we can help you create spaces that are warm and comfortable, minimising costs and maximising efficiency.

Warm, lighten and brighten your business, property or commercial spaces – chat to your expert team at Awarua Synergy on 0800 WARM SOUTH for a FREE, no-obligation business energy health check!

Our Services

Property Investment and Rentals

Good landlords understand how to attract and retain good tenants because untenanted properties – either residential or commercial – can very quickly become a financial problem.

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Public Buildings

The public amenities – libraries, community centres and venues – of the Deep South face a forbidding winter climate and ever-increasing power bills.

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Rest Homes

We’re experts in helping rest homes provide the most comfortable, livable environments for their residents, at the same time as minimising power costs.

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We’re experts in helping ensure business spaces are healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient – bringing warmth and light to your office.

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Energy Tip
Energy Tip:

The recommended temperature for utility or laundry rooms is 14-16 degree