LEAN Management Course Complete

19 October 2015

New management style will improve efficiency

Our team have recently completed a 6-month Lean Management training programme with Venture Southland and specialist Clinton Yates.  The programme included 8 other local business, the course has helped our business identify areas where efficiency could be improved, have a clear understanding of our processes and eliminate waste.  Our team have implemented a management rollout plan with actions to implement over the next few months.

Businesses who have completed the programme have reported productivity improvements of 30 per cent on average, and one business reported a 60 per cent productivity increase.”  The lean initiative is a Japanese concept that aims to identify areas of businesses where efficiency could be improved and implement management plans to action those changes.

Our team have made great progress and have all enjoyed the course, the LEAN management language is now the norm in our business practices we look forward to implementing the plan.

Huge thank you to Clint, Scott and the Venture Southland team.

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Energy Tip:

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