30 March 2015

Solar PV for Farmers

Hundreds of New Zealand farmers are getting ahead with Solar PV and Southland firm, Awarua Synergy, is offering more ways for Southland farmers to save on their electricity power bills.

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24 March 2015

Property Investment and Rentals

Property Investment and Rentals

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07 February 2015

Saving on your Power Bills

Let your energy work smarter, not harder

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06 February 2015

Wind Turbines

The huge advances in small generation Wind Turbine technology represent a real opportunity for the farms of the Deep South. Now, it’s totally viable to harness the wind’s power. With our

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15 January 2015

Southland’s Largest Solar System Preparation Underway

The Borland Lodge is about to go solar!

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03 October 2014

Savings from the Sun and Wind

Let nature work for you

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