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The latest news at Awarua Synergy

Awarua Synergy announces Southland's first certified Home Performance Advisor.

After an intensive training programme, Awarua Synergy now boasts some of the country’s first nationally certified Home Performance Advisor's (HPA) as part of their team.

HPA certification ensures our advisor's service clients based on the core principles that, advice should be: independent, based on best practice and good science, personalised and in the best interests of the client. It ensures the highest level of competency and professional standards are met, and advice is... read more

Hundreds of New Zealand farmers are getting ahead with Solar PV and Southland firm, Awarua Synergy, is offering more ways for Southland farmers to save on their electricity power bills.

Since 2004, we have helped more than 5000 households in the deep south achieve warmer, drier, healthier homes. We offer innovative state-of-the-art products to boost energy efficiency and provide proven expertise in design.

We have searched the world for the best eco-power and energy solutions for the tough environment of the deep south, sourcing products and methods that fit the specific... read more


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