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Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid Systems

Our team at Awarua Synergy offers advice on Off Grid Systems (OGS)  In most situations we have found that OGS have not performed well enough for the average sized home.  However, in rural areas the OGS can be more viable when combined with a Wind Turbine and or Solar PV systems.  Collectively these will feed the battery system and ensure power is continually supplied.  We believe it is important all system owners take a hands-on approach when investing in such systems to ensure the battery life is well maintained for a longer system life.  Energy efficient appliances can assist this and are also recommended before we build a system to suit your household, sheds or commercial buildings.  Efficient appliances conserve the use of energy.

Most systems start at a minimum cost of $10,000.00.  We use quality suppliers with over 30 years experience who seek best quality products from around the world.


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